Alicia's Photography | About
It has always been my intention to be an artist. I've always loved art and creating, and many times over the years I've sat down with pencil and pad in hand to sketch something that inspired me, but just couldn't get it "just right". I knew I had images in my mind, a world to explore and lives to highlight, but it wasn't until I picked up a camera when my first child was born that I found my voice. Photography, and in particular, photography of people, gives my thoughts and visions an outlet. It expresses my interest in the world in my own way, and hopefully inspires others to see life as I do for a moment. Photography strips away the world around us, all other senses are left behind and all that is left is the soul, ready and willing to shine. That alone makes it the most powerful medium I know. I hope my journey with the camera conveys the story I intend, that life is precious and these moments are gone in the blink of an eye. -Alicia Johnson